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Ask me anything   my name is sarahrice. i live in our nation's capital. i am a librarian. i like sensible footwear. i like to read, ride my bike, and make & eat food. i am slightly above average. but not by much.

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    i didn’t think i could love her more than i already do. here’s sharon van etten playing the ukulele.

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    the video for one of my top 3 favorite songs from Damien Jurado’s latest album Maraqopa.

    happy birthday to me!

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    tomorrow i turn 31. last year, i turned 30 and it was great. friends came into town, i felt loved, i laughed. after a year of living in different cities, my husband and i were reunited, which was/is so, so good. things seemed to be on the brink of getting even better. don’t get me wrong, 30 feels good. in many ways i feel more confident than i ever have before. i’m sure 31 will feel much the same.

    but soon after i turned 30, shit happened.

    in particular, two very heartbreaking things have largely defined this past year. at times it is hard to see beyond their realities, their weight; but other times, i am hopeful, or at least i feel in control of my grief, my sadness, my anxiety.

    i have countless things to be thankful for and i try to focus on that. there are these moments where everything feels right, good. i cherish those moments. i am hopeful things will get better.

    with that said, this song has been a bit of my anthem:

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    today it is this song.

    Virginia by David Bazan, from the album Strange Negotiations.

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    is this tumblr is turning into a Damien Jurado fan page? maybe. there are worse things, i suppose.

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    "Leave them Manhattan, I want the evergreens

    Write me a song I can sing in my sleep 
    As sure as the rain that will fall where you stand
    I want you and the skyline these are my demands”

    *from this song from Damien Jurado’s new album Maraqopa. I cannot get it out of my head today. and i’m perfectly ok with that.

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    soundtrack to my run today
    1. That’s Right  [by Girl Talk  album:  All Day]   
    2. When We Fell  [by David Bazan  album:  Curse Your Branches]    
    3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings [by Father John Misty album: Fear Fun]             
    4. White Tooth Man [by Iron & Wine  album:  The Shepard’s Dog]   
    5. Museum of Flight  [by  Damien Jurado  album: Maraqopa]  
    6. I Don’t Wanna Hear It  [by  J Roddy Walston And The Business]
    7. Wolves At The Door [by David Bazan  album:  Strange Negotiations]
    8. SexyBack  [by Justin Timberlake  album:  FutureSex / LoveSounds]

    Let me say that the transition was from the Girl Talk track to the David Bazan track was fantastic. i mean, brilliant.

    also of note on this and many runs in DC (particularly through woodley park). if you, dear pedestrian, get in my way, chances are i might plow into you. this is not because i’m a jerk*, but rather not a great runner, so stopping or dramatic slow downs are not preferred.

    *i might be a bit a of a jerk

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    My love for Damien Jurado is no secret.

    I was first introduced to his music in the late 90s and my appreciation has only grown.

    I can say with some certainty that he is my favorite musician. I know, it’s that serious.

    His new album is out. It’s a bit of a departure from his previous stuff, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. I’m especially enjoying the track “museum of flight.” This enjoyment is three fold:

    1. superficially, I love museums. even just the word. museum.

    2. I spent a very boring day in the late 80s at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. I was a kid. I was on family vacation (side note: my mom could plan a pretty solid, non-disney, vacation. I appreciate that very much now). I didn’t yet appreciate the art of museums. not fully.

    3. Mr. Jurado hits some nice falsettos in this track. Sounds nice, real nice.

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    J. Tillman | Firstborn | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

    I’m not going to lie, I have such a crush on mr. tillman right now.

    via royalblueiris:

    J. Tillman; A Take Away Show

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