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Ask me anything   my name is sarahrice. i live in our nation's capital. i am a librarian. i like sensible footwear. i like to read, ride my bike, and make & eat food. i am slightly above average. but not by much.

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    books i like: the memoir (number four)

    Number four in my little series here. Another food related memoir. I remember my friend BeccaD mentioning this book and then when I was reading number three Judith Jones comes up quite a bit (she was Julia Child’s editor).

    4. The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food by Judith Jones


    This is a great memoir not just about food but about an independent woman and her life as an editor. I’m also a sucker for memoirs about living in Europe, particularly France. I definitely appreciate a story of an independent woman who has passions and interests and ambition and finds a partner in life to share that with. (I just ended a sentence with a preposition, which I am loathe to do, but I’m going to let it go this time while also pointing it out to you, the reader. many apologies. let’s move on… crap! did it again..)

    I really enjoyed this book. In fact, recently I was at a book store (ok, it was the gift shop at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, whatever.) with my brother and his wife and I saw this book ON SALE (can’t afford not to logic in play). I already own it, but I soon discovered my food-and-culture-loving-bookworm of a sister-in-law had not read it. So I bought it for her. That is how much I like this book. If it were on sale and you were with me (or maybe not with me), I would buy it for you. You’re welcome.

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