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Ask me anything   my name is sarahrice. i live in our nation's capital. i am a librarian. i like sensible footwear. i like to read, ride my bike, and make & eat food. i am slightly above average. but not by much.

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    books i like: the memoir (number three)

    The series continues. I bring you another installment of “books i like: the memoir.” Number 3 reflects my love of food and the proud nation of France.

    3. My Life in France by Julia Child

                                              My Life in France

    My dear friend BeccaD loaned me this book a couple years ago and I loved every second of reading this book. The descriptions of food, France, and Julia’s relationship with her husband are captivating. I spent my freshman year of college in France and I will always love that country. I thought I had mostly moved on from it, but this book made me ache for it all over again. And it made me regret not being more adventurous while I was there. ah, well. There’s so much to Julia Child. I admire her independent and courageous spirit - both inside and outside of the kitchen.

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